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This performance, at FLAT, inaugurated a new exhibition space in New York where artists are asked to make work inspired by and on view in an apartment.

SCORE examines the relationship of music to dramatic content as well as the act of listening as a voyeuristic experience. The apartment provided a backdrop for a familiar seduction scenario(based on real characters who lived in the apartment previously) which could have been going on next door or on TV.

Structured as a traditional three-act TV narrative, SONTEXT articulated a dynamic that occurs between passive vs. active listening. Speakers were placed in the bedroom, and the audience heard the muted movements of the "actors" from the living room as if they were neighbors in an adjacent apartment. The actions were accompanied by an extremely diverse soundtrack of composed music(written by the members of SONTEXT), appropriated film scores, and pop music by artists such as Leonard Cohen, LL Cool J, and Prince. Commercial breaks(see Prime Time) were inserted between the acts on TV monitors placed in the living room with the purpose of heightening suspense and mimicking the way in which TV sound can be intentionally distracting.

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