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The members of Sontext were overwhelmed by the challenge of creating an audio piece on one of the noisiest of all Manhattan streets-Canal Street. After spending several hours walking up and down the crowded blocks, we concluded that the only effective way to respond to the ambient environmental cacophony is to simply "erase" an area of sound by creating a pocket of silence.

We intend to build a transparent sound-proof room(out of materials purchased on Canal Street) that the public will be able to enter. We have determined the ideal location to be on a pedestrian island where Canal Street, Laight Street, and Sixth Avenue converge. According to our research, this sight is the loudest spot along Canal Street, registering at 90+ decibels. The intensity of the ambient noise at that sight combined with 360 degree visibility from inside the room will offer a dramatic experience to the people who choose to enter. As we are not providing specific functions for this room, the public will be forced to determine it's usefulness.

The room will weigh between 1400-1600lbs. Constructed as a "box within a box" out of 1" thick plexi will produce dimensions approximately 4'X4' on the outside and 2'X2' on the inside, with an internal height of 6.5' and an external height of 8'.

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