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This is an eight-minute long 5.1 channel surround sound installation which is to be installed on a rooftop. The sound moves around the space from speaker to speaker, engulfing the audience in the noise of two Bell helicopters circling over and landing on the sight. A unique orientation of the traditional cinema speaker layout enables the sound to travel over and through the space rather than simply around it. The effect has the qualities of a "trompe-l'oreille" (audio) experience, and taking it out of a cinematic context allows for applications which are not visually based.

The piece was developed with the assistance of the HAI (Helicopter Association International) as they provided videos and graphs pertaining to noise levels in and around heliports.

(Flutter was presented on the roof of I-20 Gallery located at 529 West 20th street in September 2000. There is a heliport nearby that is visible from the roof, and helicopters fly by regularly.)

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